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Gear Motor Coupler Set - NEW!

Gear Motor Coupler Set - NEW!

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Drive Shaft Configuration
Keyed Shaft

Our coupler is specifically selected to work with our 1/2 HP gear motor, and our keyed ½” shaft grain mills including all of the Pro Series mills. It is an L075 series coupler from TB Woods with one half having a 22mm bore with 6mm keyway, and the other half with a 1/2 " bore and 1/8” keyway, along with a blue urethane spider jaw coupling insert for superior torque handling and plenty of cushion. We ALSO offer this coupler set for use with our standard 1/2 and 3/8 shafts that have three flats for a setscrew. The setscrew only attachment works well when one of the flats on your drive shaft is widened slightly with a file, and you use loctite on the setscrew for no loosening.


Half Horsepower 240 rpm gear motor:
  • TB Woods L075 series couplers halves
  • One half with 1/2” bore and keyway
  • One half with 22mm bore and 6mm keyway
  • Urethane jaw spider coupling insert
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