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Geared 3 Roller Pro Mill Motorized Kit

Geared 3 Roller Pro Mill Motorized Kit

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Hopper Material

This is the whole kit and caboodle! An entire turn key system for your 5 bbl (or smaller) brewery. Kit consists of the MM-3ProG, Base/Hopper, Gear Motor, Coupler set, Wiring Kit, Gear Motor Base, feeler gauge, and food grade mineral oil. 720lb hour max output with constant feeding will get you brewing for less than the competition. See individual product descriptions for all the details. DO NOT run this mill backwards under any circumstances, you MUST turn the drive shaft ONLY clockwise to feed grain down into the gap. When you purchase our motorized kit the motor will be set up to turn the correct direction.


Geared Grain Mill:

  • top two rollers both driven by 1215 alloy steel gears
  • grain driven third roller with fully adjustable gap
  • three six-inch steel rollers form two gaps, a preliminary fixed gap of approx .070", and a fully adjustable secondary gap
  • dual eccentric adjusters: 0.028 to .055" secondary gap - milled from solid 6061 billet aluminum
  • Igus™ bushings on both aluminum knobs to prevent galling
  • 3 x 6" long, 2" diameter 1144 alloy heat treated steel rollers
  • drill-drive – gear motor drive
  • 12 lbs/minute throughput at 240 rpms
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frames
  • Oilite™ oil impregnated bronze bushings for the axles
  • 1/2" integral drive shaft standard w/3 flats for drill driving, 2" long outside frame
  • Optional 1/2” integral drive shaft with 1/8” keyway for direct drive with a coupler
  • 3/8" integral axles
Wooden base and steel hopper for your Monster Mill:
  • 9” Tall 11.5” x 12.75” at the top
  • 11 pound base grain capacity
  • 20 gauge G90 Hot dip galvanized steel construction
  • CNC Laser cut, and CNC bent
  • Ships unassembled
  • Assembles in minutes with included fasteners
1/2 HP Gear Motor:
  • 1/2 HP Capacitor Start / Capacitor Run single phase synchronous AC motor
  • 1825 rpm motor with 10:1 or 7.5:1 gear reduction, and 180 or 240 rpm output
  • 110 or 220 V
  • Reversible
  • 22 mm output shaft with 6 mm keyway
  • Shaft height matches our new MM-3ProG geared mill with no adjustments needed
  • Made in China
  • TB Woods L075 series couplers halves
  • One half with 1/2” bore and keyway
  • One half with 22mm bore and 6mm keyway
  • Urethane jaw spider coupling insert

Gear Motor Wiring

  • 8-foot long 12 gauge heavy duty grounded power cord with 110V-12P plug
Gear Motor Base
Feeler Gauge
Food Grade Mineral Oil
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Mill Instructions (pdf)

Hopper Assembly Instructions (video)